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Pocket Caddy
  • Convenient Storage: Keep your Better Back Adjustable Acupressure Nodes close and convenient for spontaneous acts of inversion.
  • For Safe Keeping: Holds fragile items like glasses or phones so they do not drop while inverted.
  • Jam Out In Peace: Listen to your favorite tunes by securing your device to the back side of the table bed.
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Have you ever been inverting and think to yourself, "Man! I wish I had a little pouch that attached to my Teeter to hold some jelly beans in case I get hungry while I'm inverted?" Us neither, but a secure place to hold non-jelly-bean-related items would be handy. The Teeter Hang Ups Pocket Caddy is a great place to stash the contents of your pockets, glasses, keys or a cell phone just before inverting. It is also an ideal place to store your Better Back Acupressure Nodes when not in use to ensure safe keeping.

Success Stories

Trevor Yakima, WA
"I love my EP-960. There is no comparison to my 960 when I think of my last inversion table. This is a massive upgrade in all facets."
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