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EZ-Stretch Traction Handles
  • Added decompression and more: Increase inverted stretching and decompression, aid with oscillation (rhythmic rotation) and assist with release from full inversion
  • Everything you need to convert your inversion table: Includes hardware and traction handles to install on to any Teeter Hang Ups® Inversion Table that pivots via the standard roller hinge system.
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The EZ-Stretch Traction Handles provide added benefit to inverted stretching and decompression.  With the muscles in your lower back relaxed, pushing on the handles can help to increase the traction and enhance your stretching experience.  The handles can also be used as a tool for intermittent traction and oscillation – and as a quick-release from full inversion.

Success Stories

Trevor Yakima, WA
"I love my EP-960. There is no comparison to my 960 when I think of my last inversion table. This is a massive upgrade in all facets."
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